Upper Eden Future Group

Businesses from Kirkby Stephen and the Upper Eden have come together to form a new group to champion economic growth in the area called Upper Eden Future.  It is focussing on ways to promote the town and its hinterland as an ideal location to set up a business.

The group's remit is to help implement the economic actions in the Upper Eden Community Plan.  The new group has set itself two initial tasks.  First, to extend the range of information available to prospective new businesses about the area and its attractions through the Kirkby Stephen website.  Secondly, to develop a programme as to how best to market the area.  Networking events will be arranged to bring local businesses together to share information, ideas and contacts.

Anybody with an economic interest in the area is invited to join and become involved in the group.  Anybody wanting further information about meeting dates or starting/expanding/relocating a business to the Upper Eden area please contact the Upper Eden Business Hub: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. tel: 017683 89132.