Upper Eden Community Plan

Upper Eden Community Plan

Published in 2008, the Upper Eden Community Plan was a collaborative project involving 17 parishes in the Upper Eden area together with members of the local community and a range of local organisations and groups.

The Upper Eden Parishes include:-

Hellbeck     Winton      Nateby     Hartley       Kaber        Mallerstang
Waitby       Musgrave      Brough Sowerby     Wharton     Soulby      Brough 
Stainmore     Warcop    Crosby Garrett    Ravenstonedale and Newbiggin     Kirkby Stephen

Seventeen parishes in the Upper Eden Valley collaborated to produce a Community Plan following extensive consultation with local residents.  The purpose of a Parish or Community Plan like this is to reflect the concerns and aspirations of local people with a view to informing and influencing local and national government policies, actions and provision of services.  A Community Plan gives everyone a chance to say what they think about social, economic and environmental issues affecting the community, and how they'd like to see the area improved.  The Upper Eden Community Plan builds on the 2002 Vital Villages Healthcheck Report for Kirkby Stephen to help ensure that housing, health, education, transport and other services are provided in a joined up way for the benefit of the people who live and work in this area.

The Upper Eden Community Plan bought together the views and priorities of local residents and the business community, highlighting issues that were important to them and setting out an action plan for projects and initiatives that would help achieve local aspirations.  One of these is to have locally delivered training to support business, develop the skills of employees and enable businesses to grow and thrive and sustain changes in the economy.

Upper Eden Community Interest Company (CIC) is going to coordinate a review of the 2008 Upper Eden Community Plan, recognising significant changes at a local, regional and national level since the original plan was published.

Project Officer Kellie Bradburn-Sims will be working for the CIC to help coordinate the refresh of the Upper Eden Community Plan.

Each of the 17 parishes will be involved in the consultation for the new Community Plan alongside local community groups and there will be a consultation event at which members of the public can drop in and give their views.

Information about the Community Plan review activities and progress together with details of the public drop in event will be published on www.kirkby-stephen.com/events.

After the initial research is completed we will be consulting with members of the previous Steering Group to consider what has been achieved or changed.  The development of a revised plan will involve input from both existing and new members of the Upper Eden community, through consultation, research and events.

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Contact Project Officer Kellie Bradburn-Sims
Telephone: 01768 389132 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Upper Eden Business Support Hub
Unit 15, Kirkby Stephen Business Park
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Kirkby Stephen
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Upper Eden Community Plan - March 2008
Click here to download the Upper Eden Community Plan
Copies of the Upper Eden Community Plan may also be viewed at Kirkby Stephen Local Links.
More information is available on the Community Plan's own website uecp.org.uk 

More about the background 
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Vital Villages Healthcheck Report, 2002:
Assets, Issues and Vision:
Transport & Accessibility
Social & Community 

Community Plan Questionnaire and Results
Results (Excel spreadsheet)
(In order to avoid any identification of individuals in the smaller parishes the parish identifier has been removed from the results shown here). 
Working Action Plan - June 2008
Click here to download the Working Action Plan (Excel spreadsheet)